Business Email

Business Email - $19.95/ year .Firstly may we suggest that you check around to see if you can find email with as many features at such an affordable price.You wouldn't find email anywhere on the planet that has as many features for just $19.95 per year. More

Get the easy email solution for your business needs.Easy, affordable and professional email for your business.Includes 10 email addresses with separate 1 GB Storage, 50 MB Attachments - add more as your business grows. No tagline and no third party advertisements.

E-mail from a trusted provider -SmallShop,powered by enom– has all of the business-class features you expect: Industry-leading reliability, 100% ad free, an easy to use Web interface for anytime, anywhere access, and is very affordable at only $19.95 per year. Start promoting your business ( with every message you send now.

E-Mail from SmallShop works with your current Internet service provider, but it's better than the "free" E-mail they provide. Now, if you ever change Internet service providers, your e-mail won't be affected. It's e-mail that moves with you. If you move, change jobs, switch ISPs, or even if your ISP goes out of business, you'll never have to change your e-mail again.

Works w/ major mail clients like Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Microsoft Entourage, Google Gmail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and others

Free email accounts do not provide the same professionalism, security, and control as paid email. Their web pages are often covered with advertisements and up-sell gimmicks. Sign up now.

We are now offering POP3 email accounts by packages of 10 per domain name.These packages are called Email Paks. Each Email Pak is $20 per year. ALso, POP3 now has the added feature of webmail. You can access your account from anywhere in the world. Just like yahoo ,hotmail or gmail. But with us you don't get advertising, and you get your own domain in your address.