Manage your domain

Manage Your Own DNS

SmallShop allows you to manage your own DNS giving you complete control over your DNS records and the ability to make changes in seconds.Do not settle for a registrar who just sells you a domain name and then leave you without DNS.

Now you can really manage your domain. If you are like most using the web today you probably always thought that you registered your domain and that was that.There wasn't much more that you could have easily done.Well all of that has changed.We present to you domain management like you have never known it.With the click of a mouse you can redirect your domain to where you want it to go.Use mail forwarding,change nameservers on your own....and more.Of course once you register your domain with us we automatically park it free of cost also.

We can register your domains very fast and easy .We offer good prices and even more importantly we offer you the option to log in and change your DNS information quickly.We feel very proud of this service not just because of the volume of business but in the satisfaction of offering a very good service to our customers. Click here now to Register and manage your your domain!

With Smallshop you get full control over your domain names. Our interface is for beginners and power users alike. Do as much or as little as you want. Your Smallshop account is equipped with the industry standard domain name portfolio manager. Whether you are managing 1 domain or 100,000 domains, the domain name manager will keep you organized. Powerful global edits, domain locking and unlocking, contact management, transaction history, and complete reporting are all at your fingertips.